Club Speech Contests!

We are having an exceptionally exciting meeting on February 27! We will be holding both the Tall Tales and International Speech contests!

What are these?

The Tall Tales speech is from 3-5 minutes in length. It contains elements of a highly improbable or exaggerated nature. Often these speeches contain humorous elements.

The International speech is 5-7 minutes in length. Often winning International speeches contain powerful personal stories, such as overcoming a great obstacle of some kind. They should be able to move an audience by employing emotion and giving the audience something to take out of the speech. It is called “International” because ultimately, the finalists can compete at the Toastmasters International Conference for the title of “World Champion of Public Speaking” (c).

We need contestants and functionaries (judges, timers, etc.).  Please contact Tina Daha if you would like to participate or have any questions.

Please join us for this fun evening!

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