Practicing Speaking – Correlates to Improved Thinking?

Our club’s tag line is – “Listen, Think and Speak”.

I have always wondered how public speaking can impact our thinking abilities? Well, I don’t know about others, but it definitely did impact me in a very positive way!

For an easy-going person like me, I can pass as someone who can be easily manipulated by others. This is the impression others might get at the first pass of our interaction. However, as a late-bloomer it is also true that we (collective late-bloomers) can develop the ability to think effectively from platforms such as Toastmasters. This arena, is a fertile ground for planting powerful seeds inside our minds.

Let me give you an example. My first speech – an icebreaker. This even though was neither a powerful speech nor educating, it was entertaining to some extent. I am surprised how I was able to come up with such a creative way of giving an ice-breaker. Okay, I am not complementing my own Ego here, but I am recognizing how we can alter our minds with one simple intention of giving a speech.

I go back to my ice-breaker to remind about my intention I had set 4 years ago when I want to learn more about my speaking journey and life.

If you are wondering how my ice-breaker was, first you have to promise me that you wont laugh 🙂 and then, check click here.

Author – Soumya Parthasarathy

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