Soumya’s 4 years at GTM – Gaining Confidence!

Have you ever felt the need for someone to tell you “issues they see in you” in a very humbling and empowering way? Straight on your face along with how to fix it solutions?

Well, I found that place in Gilbert Toastmaster’s Club. However, the scope of “issues” is only limited to public speaking.

I remember googling for public speaking places in meetup app. Finding this place and driving myself with courage to attend the first meeting when I did not know one anyone, was very overwhelming for me. All I carried with me then was low self-confidence, fear of speaking, and low self-esteem.

After the very first meeting, when then club president “John Smush” asked me to describe what I thought of the meeting, all I said was “My english was bad and I needed help to improve”.

It did not take long for the club members to cheer me to join the club and empower myself to enjoy this journey. Today, if I have confidence to write a blog post about my journey, enjoy speaking to group of people, then that credit goes to GTM club members who have always helped me to learn, grow, speak, listen and think!

Thank you GTM Club and its members for empowering me and many others like me to gain confidence.

Author – Soumya Parthasararthy

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