You are Toastmaster this week and this may help

You are Toastmaster this week, so you are in charge of the first two thirds of the meeting. To be most effective, at Gilbert Toastmasters, the Toastmaster is responsible for several before, and during meeting activities.

Before Meeting

Contact the speakers and Table Topics Master to make sure they will be there, and get introductions from the speakers. If someone cannot make it, remind that member to find a replacement.

Ensure that each speaker provides the deliverables listed on

Day of Meeting

  1. Be 15 minutes early to work with the GE to make sure functionaries are there and to find last minute replacements if needed.
  2. Meet each speaker before the meeting for introductions needed, to find out if the speaker wants to use the lectern, and to make sure the speaker has given their manual to their assigned evaluator.
  3. When called to do so, take control of the meeting, but concentrate on the job of facilitation.
  4. Briefly introduce the theme for the evening, then introduce functionaries and ask them for a description their role – if they fail to cover a major point, add that point before moving on. As presented on the printed agenda, the best order of introductions is:
    1. Wordmaster
    2. Ah Counter
    3. Grammarian
    4. Timer
    5. Table Topics Master (Toastmaster sits down until the Table Topics are done).
    6. Speakers
      1. The Toastmaster moves lectern as needed,
      2. Sits down until their speech is done
      3. Asks for one timed minute for evaluations after each speech before moving forward
  5. After the speeches are done:
    1. Call for a timers report
    2. Ask members and guests to vote for “the speaker who best met their speech project objectives”
    3. Iintroduce the GE to manage the remaining meeting time.

Moderate the flow and time

The Toastmaster must manage meeting time. If running behind, limit talk about the theme, guide the Table Topics Master to ask fewer questions, etc. Also, if you know the scheduled speeches are shorter than usual, ask the Table Topics Master to ask more questions. The Toastmaster should get through all tasks and speeches by about 8:00 and should do everything in their power to make sure that happens.

Thanks for making this meeting great and reinforcing the traditions of Gilbert Toastmasters that make it a successful club.

Call or e-mail your mentor, the VP of Education, or another veteran Toastmaster if you have questions or issues.

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