Manuals for Members

The following documents are generated by Gilbert ToastMasters members to help new members.  Take a look and help us improve them as needed!


DescriptionLink to document
Guidelines for VP of Mentorship and how to help a club.VP Of Mentorship (Word document)
Mentor Manual - are you ready? Are you curious? Have a look, step up and grow!Mentor Manual
Timer guide - ding! How to ensure that people understand the value of time!Timer guide
Welcome new members get all the hints in one awesome document.New Member Guide
Evaluation form for use when providing feedback to a speakerEvaluation Form



Older manuals/documents that will need to be reviewed, evaluated and updated:

Ah Counter and TimeAh Counter and Timer guide
ToastMasterPre-meeting checklist for ToastMaster
ToastMasterMeeting Guide for ToastMaster
General EvaluatorPre-meeting checklist - General Evaluator
General EvaluatorMeeting Guide - General Evaluator
Table Topics MasterPre-meeting Checklist and meeting guide for Table Topics Master
Table Topics Master2019 Table Topics Master Guide
Toastmaster-Hints-revised-2019.doc2019 ToastMasters Guide
General-Evaluator-Hints-revised-2019.docx2019 General Evaluator Guide