Manuals for Members

The following documents are generated by Gilbert ToastMasters members to help new members.  Take a look and help us improve them as needed!


DescriptionLink to document
Welcome new members get all the hints in one awesome document.New Member Guide
Mentor Manual - are you ready? Are you curious? Have a look, step up and grow!Mentor Manual
Timer guide - ding! How to ensure that people understand the value of time!Timer guide
Guidelines for VP of Mentorship and how to help a club.VP Of Mentorship (Word document)



Older manuals/documents that will need to be reviewed, evaluated and updated:

File nameLinkDetails
ToastMasterHints038 Counter and Timer guide
ToastMasterHints037; deleted by Rajeev
ToastMasterHints036.pdf Hints - what to do before a meeting at which you are a ToastMaster?
ToastMasterHints035.pdf' agenda during the meeting
ToastMasterHints034.pdf Evaluator guide
ToastMasterHints033.pdf Evaluator's agenda during the meeting
ToastMasterHints032.pdf; deleted by Rajeev
ToastMasterHints031.pdf Topic Master hints
ToastMasterHints030.pdf; deleted by Rajeev
ToastMasterHints029.pdf to GTM and things to review w/ mentor.
Topicmaster-Hints-revised-2019.doc Document from Vince
Toastmaster-Hints-revised-2019.doc Document from Vince
General-Evaluator-Hints-revised-2019.docx Document from Vince
Welcome To GTM #499 color flyer in guest packet from an original