Great Accomplishments!

Throughout the past Toastmasters year, people were pretty busy and made some great accomplishments.  At our first in-person meeting on July 8, we recognized all the members who gave their Icebreakers:

  • Angi Kieselyk
  • Camie Lau
  • Ebony Green
  • Gwyn Nichols
  • Jana Cox
  • Jenny Hoffman
  • Kathy Stack
  • Polo Santiago
  • Suzi Freeman
  • Win Ip

Way to go!

The following people recently reached milestones in their Pathways progress:

  • Vincent Feutrier, completing levels 4 and 5
  • Lauren Candreva completed level 3
  • Megan Stuff completed level 3
  • Marie Feutrier completed level 3
  • Julie Przybyla completed level 3
  • Renee Pierce completed level 5


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