40th Anniversary Celebration

We are all busy with our daily lives. Aren’t we?

Busy with our daily chores, to-do lists, stresses and routines. Amidst all this, some people find time to build legacies. One of the legacy which is collectively built is our own Gilbert Toastmasters(GTM) Club. We celebrated its 40th birthday in July of 2018.

Being present there, we had an opportunity to share positive collective energy. Got to meet the foundational pillars, growth pillars along with current pillars of this diverse club.

40 years, carrying on a tradition to help people overcome their fears, to empower ourselves with better tools, collaboration and socialization. All of this, every single week, rain or shine at Gilbert Toastmasters.

The colorful celebration was hosted in a banquet hall of India Oven restaurant. We had many past club presidents, current members, members bringing guests, among others attending the event. It was a pleasure to meet many foundational figures of our club. Their selfless commitment to the club is helping me to be writing this blog today.

Giving a big shout out to all those beautiful souls who are past and current members –

Rajeev Dave : Organizing the 40th year anniversary also Vice President of Membership
Rob Flieshner : Current pillar of our club with commitment of more than 16 years.
Blair Revak : Getting the nuts and bolts for the celebration who is also Vice President of Mentor-ship
Dorie Rivera: Photography

Helping hands: Shanda, Reenee, Vince, Soumya

Lets keep the momentum going and I look forward to writing a blog about our 50th anniversary in 2028 🙂


It is up to us to live up to the legacy that was left for us, and to leave a legacy that is worthy of our children and of future generations – Christine Gregoire


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