Well, here is a list of things that VPMs do (changes from person to person as we get new people to serve that role).

It may give you ideas on how to help the VPM.


  1. Welcome Guests
    1. At every meeting, we try and greet guests as they stream in.Β  So, you would typically sit closer to the door.
    2. Setup the table, sign-in sheets, old magazines and welcome packets – 10 mins.
    3. After the meeting, tear down the table and put away the collateral into the box for VPM – 10 mins.
  2. Prepare badges
    1. We have to make badges for new members.Β  It takes about 10 minutes but you need to get their name and custom gravatar on the badge and you need to coordinate with the member to get their gravatar.
  3. Welcome kit
    1. This is the most tedious task.Β  You have to print the application forms and double-sided ‘About Gilbert ToastMasters’ sheet, assemble that into a 2-pocket folder, and then put the label on the front of the folder.
    2. Getting collateral printed at OfficeMax and picking it up – 30 mins
    3. Building packets – 30 packets in 10 mins or so.
  4. Meetup.com and TLI
    1. About 1-2 folks/week inquire about our club on Meetup.com and TLI.
  5. Document updates
    1. There are several documents that we want to provide our members but they are either as images or need better formatting.
    2. Images captured documents require someone to type up that document in Word.
    3. The documents should look consistent with the correct header, footer, fonts and images.
    4. We need to come up/resurrect Gilbert ToastMaster logo that is on this document.Β  For e.g. these two documents are images that would be nice to have in GoogleDocs /MS Word with consistent format:
      1. TM About Us
      2. ToastMasterHints038.pdf